Ubs Digital Banking Agreement Is Blocked

With the E-Banking setup assistant, you can simply block all countries you haven`t transferred money to yet – and you can change it at any time. If you`ve forgotten your PIN or your pass is blocked, you can order a new access card and PIN online. Scan important documents, certificates and contracts and manage them directly in UBS Safe, your digital locker. Your UBS bank documents are also stored automatically. If you type your PIN several times, the pass is blocked. For security reasons, it is not possible to unlock the access card or provide you with a new PIN by phone. If you want to relax your security settings in e-banking, you need to confirm this with your access card. To do this, you must enter the word „OFF“ into the card reader or the access card display. Then enter the code provided in the e-banking. Only validate the word „OFF“ if you have personally changed these settings. Stay up-to-date on account activities and card transactions via push notification, SMS or email.

That way, you`ll always be aware. Your access card is blocked after misrepreshaving the PIN five times. So you should call the support after four false entries. We`ve rounded up the most common connection issues to help you access the electronic or mobile bank as soon as possible. Click on the problem you have and the solution will appear. Our digital banking applications automatically provide a secure connection and provide increased protection against such fraud attempts. Download all the instructions for e-Banking and Mobile Banking in PDF format. You can always log out when you`re done: you can do so with the „Disconnect“ button in the top right corner of the e-banking or under logo in the Mobile Banking app menu. We recommend emptying your browser cache after disconnection.

We regularly check digital banking processes with artificial intelligence and compare them to your usual usage behavior. Always start the registration process on When creating a connection, UBS e-banking provides you with a digital certificate. So you can check authenticity: Block lost or stolen cards immediately and protect yourself from losses. This can be done at any time in e-Banking or Mobile Banking in a few steps. For security reasons, your digital banking contract is blocked if you enter a wrong password several times. The same applies if you enter incorrect numbers or letters when confirming a recipient. At this time, we cannot offer you an online solution to the problem. Learn more about the safe use of E-Banking in an „EBAS“ video. The login method we offer clearly identifies you.

Unauthorized parties do not have access to your digital bank. With UBS Digital Banking, you can manage your bank with maximum security. We offer different options to increase your security with personal settings. Have you installed the Access app on the same device you want to use for e-Banking? On the registration page, click „Send QR code to the Access app“ to connect to e-banking. You can set a monthly limit for payments via e-Banking and the Mobile Banking app. You will find your contract number on the welcome letter you have already received. If you can`t find your contract number or don`t remember, you can contact Digital Banking Support (available 24 hours a day). We spell security with a capital S, right? We have six tips that will take you away with minimal effort. Instead, learn PINs for your debit and credit cards.