Uottawa Ssuo Agreement

„This was a historic action at an unprecedented time, which showed great determination in the face of a very difficult negotiating environment. This agreement allows members to return to the crucial work they do to help students and teachers at the university,“ concluded Mr. Desmornes. Toronto – October 30, 2020 – The University of Ottawa Support Officer Bargaining Unit (PSUO-SSUO), represented by the Ontario Secondary School Teachers` Federation (OSSTF/FEESO), has reached a preliminary agreement with the University of Ottawa. The strike is suspended until ratification. Details of the agreement will not be made public until the agreement has been ratified by the union, the university`s executive committee and the Board of Governors. Dear members, we are writing today with an update on the ongoing negotiations between the University of Ottawa (SSUO) support staff and headquarters. As noted in our September 14 newsletter, very little progress was made at the last meeting of the two parties on the way to a fair and equitable agreement for support staff. Headquarters came back to the table with an offer that was „virtually indlementable“ from the final offer that 80% of SSUO members rejected in June. On October 15, the SSUU will participate in a conciliation meeting with headquarters. Since the Ontario Labor Council has already issued a „No Board“ report, the parties are in a legal strike/lockout position.

Therefore, APUO members must be prepared for the real possibility of a work disruption that would directly affect APUO members and could put an end to many of our institution`s activities. In the event of an labour disorder, headquarters may ask you to take on tasks that are usually performed by assistance staff. In solidarity with our colleagues at the SSUO, we invite APUO members to use their right to refuse any staffing in the event of labour disturbances. Here are some activities for which the support staff is responsible: a statement was sent by uOttawa indicating that an agreement has been reached with members of the SSUO-OSSTF. uOttawa and SSUO-OSSTF have reached an interim agreement to end the support workers` strike. More than 1,300 University of Ottawa auxiliaries have interrupted their strike pending ratification of a new interim agreement between their union and the post-secondary institution. The university`s support staff went on strike on 19 October after the parties failed to reach an agreement in the last 19 months of negotiations. The details remain confidential until they are ratified by both parties. Assistance staff at uOttawa spent Tuesday afternoon, October 27, 2020, on the picket line at Waller St. and Mackenzie King Bridge. (Saron Fanel / CTV News Ottawa) Read also: University of Ottawa should have defended the professor in the debate on offensive language, Legault said that union management had previously said that the outstanding issues on the table contain cuts in reimbursements for drug coverage, cuts in the pension allowance and cuts in increasing the increase in parental leave. The PSUO-SSUO bargaining unit received a „final offer“ from the university on October 15, according to the union, which called the team „unacceptable.“ Would you like to talk? Please read our comments directive first.

In addition to the above tasks, the support staff also covers many other operational aspects of our university, which have a direct impact on the student experience. So far, headquarters` approach to collective bargaining with the SSU has been uncompromising. As noted in our December 2019 bulletin, the record 2018-2019 financial surplus of $91.8 million is the total wage bill for USS members.