Vuforia License Agreement

1.9. „Developer Portal“ refers to Vuforia`s online development portal located in (or any other URL that PTC may specify from time to time) that, without any restrictions, includes the target manager, license manager, Vuforia forums, Vuforia Support Center and access to software, documentation and other related information. Overall, the compilation distributed by Google Play on the Pixel 3 w/Android 10 does not seem to load I/S-related issues like other SDK configuration files, so I wonder if Vuforia is loaded into a similar problem with which license file. The Vuforia upgrade has already been requested for administrator permissions. Starting Unity with permission to administer doesn`t help, because the update has already been applied. Is it possible to accept the licence agreement again? 11. MANDATORY END-USER LICENSING CLAUSE. You are responsible for the total use of the service and software by end-users of development applications. Each end-user of a Vuforia-compatible software application must accept the final terms of use outlined in this section 11. If you license directly to the end user, you must include the following conditions in your end-user license agreement for each of your Vuforia-compatible applications. If you are developing the developer (s) developer (s) application for a third party in which these third parties license directly or indirectly to the end user, you must require that third party to include the following conditions in the corresponding end-user license agreement. In all cases, each end-user license agreement must have legally enforceable provisions, 3.3.

Third-party licenses. The software may contain third-party programs, including, but not limited, software that is licensed under open source conditions. The licensing conditions associated with these programs apply to your use and, in some cases, these programs cannot be used or broadcast without the license of the respective owner of these programs. You are solely responsible (i) for obtaining, if necessary, a separate and independent license from that owner with respect to this use and (ii) to include all license conditions and applicable indications in the development application for third-party Indian programs included in the software and distributed as part of the developer application.