Wells Fargo Master Agreement For Treasury Management Services

Accessed these services from virtually anywhere via the Commercial Electronic Office® (CEO®). Registration is required. There may be a registration fee and an additional fee. Contact your banker for a full description of the services, fees and registration instructions. Discover Information Reporting and Liquidity Management Cash Flow Analysis, Customizable Reporting, Cash Sweep and SWIFT for Business. CEO base bank. View your account information online (by desktop, tablet or mobile device) and have:. COVID-19: We are here to help you in these uncertain times. Learn more Transaction search.

You can search for and view online records of cheques, deposits, deposited items, items from ACH, or make stop payments. All data and images posted are kept for seven years. . CEO ACH payments (prepaid credits). Simplify your salary, tax and refund payments by creating and verifying payment transactions electronically. Converting your paper transactions to Wells Fargo ACH can help reduce processing costs and reduce your risk of control fraud. Deposit limits and other restrictions apply. Some accounts are not eligible for mobile deposits. Availability may be affected by your mobile operator`s coverage. Your mobile operator`s information and data rates may apply. Warning service. You can subscribe to notifications for certain account events and choose whether notifications should be received immediately or as parcels on a scheduled date.

Get notifications to your email address or phone (as text or mobile notification). Coverage of cash information. With these timely reports, you make more informed financial decisions. Zero (within a single legal entity). This relational hierarchy can benefit companies with multiple accounts. This service consolidates balances to a primary account and allows you to make investment or credit decisions based on your total cash position. ACH scam filter. Check for unauthorized ACH transactions and make payment or refund decisions. Find out what you can do to protect yourself from managing the CEO of Ransomware. You can save time and improve control by managing the CEO portal and account access according to your schedule. Benefits include: CEO Desktop Deposit®. With a certified scanner or an iOS or Android device, you can deposit cheques through your office or via the Mobile CEO® deposit service.

Statements and communication service. Quickly access your online banking analyses and statements. Get notifications if instructions are available. Sons of a CEO. Send national or cross-border transfers on the same day or with the future via your desktop or smartphone. This service can help you improve cash flow by speeding up collection while reducing the time and cost of depositing physical cheques.