What Is A Master Software License Agreement

8.3. Silicon Labs has authorized Segger Microcontroller GmbH`s emWin software, including libraries and executable files and associated documentation (emWin Library set). You have the right to use the emWin library for free under the following conditions that you accept under the terms of this contract: a) you can only use the emWin library with 32-bit EFM microcontrollers and EFR radios; (b) You cannot use the emWin library to create or develop software similar to or competitive with the emWin library; and (c) You cannot change the documentation attached to the emWin library. „end user,“ a buyer, an under-licensed, a recipient and/or a user of an application purchased directly or indirectly by the licensee. Section 2.01 – Licensing: The licensee grants the licensee a non-exclusive, non-transferable license that is revocable for the use of software and associated documentation, only as approved in this Agreement. Unless a control plan is made otherwise, only one user can use the software on a computer owned by the licensee or controlled by the licensee. Neither the simultaneous use on two or more computers, nor the simultaneous use by two or more users of a local or other network is allowed without separate authorization and the payment of other charges. The licensee agrees that the licensee will not sublicens, sublicens, transfer, mortgage, lease, lease, lease or share the rights conferred on it by this agreement, unless this has been previously approved in writing by the licensee. The licensee agrees that the licensee cannot cancel, compile or translate the software. This license does not authorize the licensee to use a component of the software separately for any purpose. Section 10.02 – Full agreement: This agreement contains all the understanding of the parties and replaces the previous oral, written and click-through agreements between the parties regarding the licensing of the software or the provision of services. An „authorized subcontractor,“ a third-party supplier that you have entrusted to the development or manufacture of authorized applications and that you have entered into a contract in accordance with the terms of this Agreement, including its privacy rules. You remain responsible at all times for the actions or actions of your authorized subcontractors, as if the action on non-action was committed by you.

„SDK,“ the software development kit (with the exception of Micrium software). To the extent that Silicon Labs Devices collects, stores or transfers personal data, Silicon Labs may use this personal data for internal purposes, including marketing Silicon Labs devices to the user.